Welding Career Salaries in Hampton Roads Virginia

Welding is a great industry to consider when thinking about a change in career path. Welding appears in everything from the infrastructure, to the cars we drive, to aircrafts, to ships, and consumer goods. The career offers a wide array of paths as well.

With the right training and licensing, you are exposed to advancement opportunities where you can truly shine. Welders are in high demand according to the American Welding Society, creating numerous possibilities for those just starting out in the field. Almost every industry needs welders and if you want to advance your career, you can do so with additional schooling and certifications.

What are the Benefits of a Welding Career?

A welding career offers a potential for wonderful traveling and the flexibility to switch industries without changing careers. Additionally, welding is the ultimate green collar career choice and this means the career is likely to stay economically feasible into the future.

The welding job involves selection and laying out of materials and applying different processes for each job. Different instruments are used in order to operate welding equipment. Welders would normally work 8 to 12 hours a day depending on the industry, employer, and the requirements of a certain job such as a crucial deadline. Working conditions also vary. As a welder you might be exposed to all kinds of different working and weather conditions.

How can I Maximize my Future Earnings Through Education?

The various welding processes need a set of skills, which can be acquired through specific training. A certification could be termed as the passport to better-paying jobs. You can acquire any type and number of certifications in order to be able to show versatility and expertise. With education and documented experience, you can maximize your future earnings since you will be eligible for supervisory posts, which come with more roles and better pay.

You could also become a teacher or a trainer and this is a great opportunity for you to become a welding inspector and advance your career even further. Skilled welders without any educational background are the natural candidates for a degree program that will equip them will knowledge needed to program, operate, and maintain complex welding plants.

With the right education, you could work in specially equipped laboratories and carry out destructive tests. You will also have the opportunity to work in consulting firms by offering practical solutions to manufacturing problems. These opportunities generally have better pay when compared to opportunities available for welders without any education.

As a welder, you can move from one job or area to another in pursuit of a more suitable place of employment or a better salary and this is possible if you have the right welding education and skills. If you want a successful welding career, you must be willing to gain the necessary knowledge and experiences continually. A career is a never-ending pursuit.

Welding Career Pay Scale in Hamptons Roads in Virginia

Welders’ salary package depending on their education, experience, and certifications. The median annual wage for welders was $39,390 in May 2016 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). This is well above average wage for all occupations and a great opportunity for anyone looking to venture into this career.

According to the BLS state and area data, a welder in Virginia average pay is higher than the national average (most likely due in part to the Hampton Roads area). Virginia welders earned a mean salary of $45,440 in 2016.

Are You Ready to Begin a new Career Path?

Welding can be a satisfying career choice with many entrancing specializations and areas of application. ATI offers a wide assortment of resources for pursuing this trade. Do you want to learn more about this career and our Associate of Occupational Science in Maritime Welding Technology with Service Management? Connect with one of our helpful advisors today!