Commercial Driving Test Vs Behind the Wheel: What Parts Are There to the Test?

Anyone who operates a commercial vehicle, including passenger buses, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers trucks, and dump trucks among others should have a CDL (commercial driver’s license). There are three types of CDLs, including Class, A, B, and C that determine the type of vehicle you will drive. The different classes are also determined by the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating).

You may wonder why you cannot use your regular driver’s license, but driving a truck or a passenger bus isn’t the same as driving a small car. For example, eighteen-wheelers can have a transmission with up to 18 gears and two reverse gears. Although these speeds can make operating the tractor-trailer more efficient, training is still important because you need to know how and when to shift the gears.

What is the CDL Test Like?

To operate a commercial vehicle you need a combination of driving experience and following specific instruction. CDL training isn’t for those who are afraid of going through a challenging program. It takes courage and determination to complete your CDL training and pass the exam. Although the CDL exam may seem overwhelming, joining a CDL training program should give you the experience you need to successfully pass the test.

How to Study for the CDL Test

Just like any other test, you will need to study and be well prepared to pass the CDL exam. However, trying to memorize all the information in the CDL manual, which is approximately 180 pages or more, isn’t the best way to prepare for your exam. To pass the exam, study smart by following these simple study tips:

  • Plan ahead: Trying to cram everything two days before you sit for your exam won’t yield the best results. This is because cramming doesn’t help you retain important material that you should understand as a responsible driver. If you’re new to the exam, consider taking a training course.
  • Find out what you should study: If you’re wondering what you will find on the CDL exam, you will find a detailed manual at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Regardless of the CDL class you’re studying, you will need to know general knowledge.
  • Collect all the necessary study materials: The most important tool that you will need is a CDL manual. You should also have a CDL test prep book as you prepare for the CDL exam. Remember to study in a distraction-free environment and take breaks to refuel.
  • Take a diagnostic exam: There is no need to study what you know. By taking a diagnostic test, you will discover what you know and what you don’t. Taking a diagnostic test will also give you a feel for the CDL exam test and this will help you be better prepared on exam day.

Importance of Formal CDL Education

Apart from deciding to become a commercial truck driver, deciding to attend a CDL training school is the next major decision that you’ll make in your commercial truck driving career. A CDL training institute will equip you with industry knowledge and the hands-on-skills you need to pass your CDL exam test. Other benefits of studying with a formal training program generally include:

Learn important rules and regulations: Operating a powerful 18-wheeler and other large commercial vehicles requires that you follow an additional set of traffic laws and regulations. Through formal CDL training, you will learn all the state laws, instructions of operating and maintaining commercial vehicles, safety regulations and how to report accidents, and inspection of commercial vehicles.

Master the right driving techniques: Semi-trailers, tankers and other commercial vehicles are huge machines that you will be operating on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to master the right techniques on how to maneuver these vehicles on the road while maintaining your safety and that of other drivers.

Receive comprehensive field, road, and classroom training: Experienced CDL trainers will take you through a series of training that will combine knowledge and hands-on experience effectively. This will also give you the opportunity to apply the concepts and instructions behind operating large commercial vehicles as you test your skills behind the wheel.

Get training to pass the CDL exam: Formal CDL training will give you the confidence you need as you go into the exam. The training you will receive will have equipped you with the knowledge and skills you need to pass the CDL exam.

Are You Ready to Become a Commercial Driver?

By going to a CDL training school, you could increase your chances of acing the complex CDL exam and skip the need to schedule a re-test, which can be expensive. What’s more, going to a CDL training institution is the fastest way to acquire driving skills than any other method. To discover how you can get started on this rewarding career as a Class A driver, visit Advanced Technology Institute today or call 888-346-2315.

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