Transcript Requests

Students wishing to order transcripts online may do so through Parchment Exchange. This service will allow secure and convenient ordering, processing, and tracking of transcript requests. Please be advised, the following is required to order a transcript online:

  • A valid major credit card
  • An email account
  • Your signed consent

Students wishing to place a transcript order using any other form of payment (check, money order, etc.) must follow the below procedure. Due to federal privacy laws, a written request with the student’s signature is required to release a transcript. Please note that telephone, e-mail and fax requests for transcripts are NOT accepted.

Students and alumni may request official transcripts of work completed at Advanced Technology Institute by navigating to the Official Transcript Request Form or by submitting a written request that includes all the required information (see Required Information below).

Mail the transcript request form (Attention: Transcript Request) to:
Advanced Technology Institute
5700 Southern Blvd.,
Virginia Beach, VA 23462