Student Conduct and Responsibilities

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

ATI Safety Report and our Advanced Technology Institute Electronic Catalog provide our Possession and Use of Alcohol and/or Illegal Drugs Policies.

Copyright Infringement Policy and Sanctions

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Attendance Policy

Employment often depends upon good attendance. Recognizing this, ATI believes students should follow a policy of regular attendance and punctuality to receive maximum benefit from their educational experience. Solid work habits and personal accountability are qualities highly valued by employers.

Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled class meetings. Students are encouraged to tell their instructor in advance or to call the administrative office if they will be absent. Missing more than 15% of class time may result in the student failing that course.

Instructors may request an academic review board for students whose absences from class interfere with their ability to meet course objectives. Action may include failing the course, probation, or suspension. If a pattern of excessive absences is noticed, a review board may be conducted as well. Students who fail a course for attendance issues will be assigned a grade of “F” for that course. Students who are suspended are not eligible to return to Advanced Technology Institute and are no longer eligible for financial aid.

Documentation is required for all excused/approved absences. Providing documentation does not remove an absence from attendance records, but allows makeup work to be completed. Whenever students believe their attendance record is in error, a written request challenging the error may be submitted to the Education Director within three weeks of the end of the course.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE – Students who miss no class time will be recognized at graduation and will receive a Perfect Attendance Certificate and Pin.