Why You Should Become a Mechanic in Virginia Beach

A recent survey by datausa indicated that Virginia Beach has a total population of 452,602 people and the median age is 35.8. Between years 2015 and 2016, the average household income grew from approximately $67, 281 to over $70,000, which was a 5.7 percent increase. .

According to the survey, most people commute by driving alone. Car ownership is approximately two cars per household. The high number of vehicles and the growing number of mechanics makes now a great time for you to pursue a career as a mechanic.

What is the Life of a Mechanic Like?

Mechanics maintain and repair vehicles. While some mechanics may work on all parts, others specialize in specific areas or single types of cars. One of the most challenging things about being a mechanic is diagnosing the problem. Accuracy and speed during diagnosis and quoting the price is very important if a mechanic wants to retain long-term clients.

If possible, the mechanic can observe the engine while it runs to determine whether the assumptions made hold any water. Although most mechanics use electronic diagnostic machines, a skilled mechanic can tell a lot by using the eyes, nose, and ears when searching for potential problems or hazards. Sometimes the mechanic has to repair parts, but if they are worn out, they may need to replace them.

The career of a mechanic is similar to that of a physician. This is because most people visit them only when their vehicles are in a crisis, and not when they need regular maintenance, which could have avoided the problem. Mechanics often replace parts that can be hazardous to the driver and passengers. The best mechanics often have a mastery of different integrated skills: computerized electronics, electrical systems (cars have a more complex wiring system than your home’s), refrigeration, and car fuel system.

Mechanics in Virginia Beach have to be well prepared for the job more than ever. More and more cars being driven are more advanced and are controlled by electronic systems. Therefore, you will have to use computers constantly; in fact, some mechanics have reported that computers are as important as any other tool in the toolbox.

Receiving formal education will help keep you abreast with changes and trends in the industry. As you gain more and more experience, you will most likely move to higher paying and positions that are more specialized. You can also quickly rise to the rank of a manager, especially if you have strong interpersonal skills that can help calm cranky customers.

Benefits of Becoming an Auto Mechanic

Also called service technicians, auto mechanics work in auto repair shops and provide customers with various maintenance services. Benefits of becoming an auto mechanic include:

Career Stability

For a very long time, cars have been the primary source of transportation for most individuals and businesses. Therefore, there is a dire need for professionals that can repair and maintain them. The BLS predicts a 6 percent career growth for mechanics from the year 2016 to the year 2026. Additionally, by becoming a car repair expert, you can always become a small business owner and open your own shop.

Reasonable Earning Potential

According to the BLS, the average annual salary for an auto mechanic is $39,550. However, some professionals, especially those that operate their own shops or work on specialized cars requiring additional knowledge and training, earn more money. The BLS has observed that over 10 percent of auto mechanics earning $65,430 annually.

Why are Mechanics Needed in Virginia Beach?

Automobiles have become more sophisticated, incorporating new technology such as diesel and hybrid engines, computer microprocessors, anti lock brakes, wireless internet and multimedia entertainment systems. Most recently, USA Today has warned that there will be a shortage in auto mechanics, especially highly qualified mechanics.

Cause of Shortage

Despite the auto mechanic field becoming more and more technical, most young people have retained the old-fashioned image of this career line. However, auto technology requires a high level of both math and science skills, and some high school graduates venturing into this industry don’t have these skills. Most young people are fascinated by electronics, and very few are interested in automobiles. Additionally, most high schools have cut auto repair training programs to save money.

With the continued development in the automotive industry and the complex electrical engines that have replaced traditional ones, students are now dependent on an education more than ever to be well-equipped in solving problems. Most automotive mechanic training programs have coursework in mechanical drawing, math, blueprint reading, and computers to be pursued by students. According to the BLS, many employers expect technicians to have certificates that are offered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence which requires candidates to have acceptable experience including formal education and the successful completion of an exam.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

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