HVAC Repair Education in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Comfort is the keyword of modern society and HVAC professionals are the people who keep the country cool, comfortable in the summer, and snug as a bug in a warm rug throughout the winter. HVAC technicians with the right training and solid experience under their belt can make waves in the HVAC field and the area they work in.

Financial and Professional Rewards

Working as an HVAC technician is a financially rewarding career. As of 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics which estimates the median pay for HVAC mechanics and installation personnel at $22.64 per hour which equates to $47,080 annually. This is of course the median salary and managers and those working in specialty environments can earn even higher salaries.

Nationwide, the field is expected to see 15% growth between now and 2026, the BLS further states. This is a rate that is much faster than average and those who enter the field now should be able to put plenty of experience under their belt as demand for HVAC services grows.

Skills for the Future

HVAC professionals must have a solid grasp on technology and be able to incorporate what they learn in the classroom within a wide variety of environments. Technicians must have a solid grasp of mechanical engineering and the ability to solve complex problems with the right solutions. It is a career that requires an unflinching attention to detail and the ability to identify sometimes obscure problems and proceed with the most appropriate repair.

Most importantly, HVAC professionals need to stay on top of the latest advancements in heating and cooling technology. However, while they must always look forward, they must also retain knowledge of the past because many of the systems they will be called to work on can be 5, 10, or even 20 years old. In fact, while all HVAC systems perform the same functions, their design, construction, and operational “quirks” means that technicians are continually having to rely on knowledge from an ever expanding bag of professional tricks.

The Making of a Manager

Unrelenting demand for the services offered by HVAC professionals means that there is a tremendous opportunity available for those who wish to move into management positions. Managers who can conduct the efforts of their teams efficiently and effectively will have plenty of opportunities for career advancement and financial achievement.

Of course, being a manager requires developing the skills required to lead people, manage finances, and forecast operational needs. Managers need to develop solid communication skills so that they can effectively coordinate the efforts of their team. This includes conveying customer needs to technicians, resolving conflicts, and developing relationships with long-term clients. All of these skills help the business grow and strengthen its position within the marketplace.

Managers must also be good at managing the brass tacks of business. From inventory management to adherence with regulatory requirements, managers must remain highly organized at all times.

The stronger the skills, the stronger the business will become and the brighter the reputation of the business will shine. As the business establishes itself, managers can hire new staff and pursue contracts and opportunities servicing area homebuilders, manufacturing centers, retail outlets, universities, etc.

Living and Studying Near Hampton Roads, Virginia

All work and no play is no way to go through life, and while students study in Hampton Roads they will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the scenery at Sandy Bottom Nature Park, visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, and much more. The good weather, fresh air, and friendly atmosphere of the region make it an ideal place to relax and enjoy all that Virginia has to offer. The pleasures of the Chesapeake Bay are just a few miles away and this means that there is never a shortage of places to see or things to do.

Most importantly, studying in Hampton Roads creates opportunities to develop contacts and relationships with HVAC service providers in the region. The peninsula is growing and analysts are projecting 2.19% growth over the coming year. This is nearly double earlier projections and is an indication that now is a good time to set down roots within the region. As the economy grows, there will be an increasing demand for HVAC technicians and professionals who are able to service the ever-expanding number of homes, businesses, and manufacturing centers that are opening their doors.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a new career as an HVAC technician with a focus in service management? If you want to earn an Associates of Occupational Science in HVAC Technology with Service Management, we invite you to contact Advanced Technology Institute to learn more about the methods our instructors use to ensure your career success.

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