HVAC Career Opportunities in Hampton Roads, VA

HVAC technology changed the way we live, and today it continues to transform and create new ways to work. In fact, heating, cooling, and refrigeration are such vital parts of the economy that job growth in the field is “much faster than average”, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re considering a degree in HVAC technology, you probably want to know who’s hiring people with formal training in Hampton Roads.

Fortunately, this area – including Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, where thousands of its residents work – is teeming with businesses that rely on the skills of HVAC professionals. As you picture your perfect career, remember: certifications may offer an additional competitive edge, giving you the skills and knowledge necessary to handle more specialized tasks or industries in Hampton Roads. Here are just a few of the many employers with job opportunities for trained HVAC workers:

HVAC Career Companies in Hampton Roads

Of course, Hampton Roads is home to many companies that revolve around the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC technology. Their technicians work in homes and businesses, where they’re responsible for keeping HVAC units and ductwork in working order, troubleshooting problems, and installing new units. Some may provide additional services, such as energy audits

Shipbuilders & Shipyards

Portsmouth and Newport News are home to two of the region’s biggest employers: Huntington Ingalls Industries and Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Both of these nautical employers have an ongoing need for skilled HVAC workers, from engineers and contractors who help plan ship HVAC systems to the installation and repair technicians who install and maintain them.

Public School Systems

Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and other nearby cities all have their own public school systems, and you can easily keep track of job openings that ask for HVAC certifications or degrees. These government employers offer HVAC positions that range from HVAC and refrigeration technicians to HVAC instructors at technical high schools.

Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

In the healthcare industry, HVAC skills can actually make the difference between life and death. After all, temperature regulation, refrigeration, and ventilation are all vital parts of a hygienic hospital or medical office. Luckily, Sentara Healthcare and Riverside Health System employ 30,000 people in Hampton Roads, and some of them are HVAC professionals whose special skills make it possible to protect and treat patients.

Eco-Conscious Companies

Thanks to more energy-efficient HVAC technologies and a growing concern for the planet (and the utility budget); businesses of every size from every industry are seeking ways to improve their HVAC efficiency. From energy auditors who perform building-wide tests and inspections to HVAC technicians and contractors who install and service new technologies, today’s HVAC workers can choose to focus on this in-demand part of the industry with their skills and services.

Freelance HVAC Career Opportunities

Graduates with HVAC skills and training can seek employers from a wide variety of industries, but some are actually drawn to the skilled trades because of the opportunity for independence. If you dream of working for yourself or teaming up with other private contractors to work for different clients, an HVAC degree could make that possible. Whether you’re considering a career change or you’re pursuing formal education for the first time, HVAC technology is one of many skilled trades that has plenty of room for flexibility.

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