Conquering Heavy Machinery: How Hard Is Diesel Mechanic School?

If you’ve ever driven on a cross-country trip and caught the sight of a big-rig trailer truck roaring down the road, you might wonder about the mechanisms under the hood. There are folks out there, and you may be one of them, who carry within a passion for engines. If you’re willing to learn the skills, working around large machines could be a pathway to an exciting and lucrative career. To show you what’s in store, first we’ll cover a little history, then a little bit about you, and then on to some information about diesel mechanic school, and what you can expect once you get your diploma.

Heavy Machinery Runs the Nation

America is built on its transportation networks. Once railroads were the undisputed king of those networks, and the power behind any railroad was its steam engines. But today the supremacy of the railroads is a distant memory, and the lifeblood of America’s economic system flows and circulates over the open road. Lifting ton after ton of heavy cargo is the mission of huge diesel-powered gas engines and no matter how many trucks are on the road, there’s always a demand for more.

This decade has been the decade of increased automation. While some innovations have worked to reduce the costs of human labor in many sectors of the supply chain, from manufacturing to warehousing to delivery, the one section where new jobs are more in demand now than ever is in the machine shop. It’s here that diesel mechanics keep all the huge shipping trucks moving on all cylinders and at peak efficiency.

Diesels and other heavy machinery aren’t just used on the roads, either. Big machines are in demand across a huge swath of industry: tractors, trucks, boats, agricultural harvesters, and more all run off similar engines. Learning how to make those engines sing could be your key to a better future.

What Skills Are Needed to Be a Diesel Mechanic?

To be a mechanic, there are certainly skills to learn: repairing, troubleshooting, and operating the engines themselves. But behind all those skills is the requirement of critical thinking.

Can you solve problems? If you have the capability to use logic and reasoning to discover the source of a problem, you are already light-years ahead of the competition before your very first class.

In fact, if you find your current occupation stifling because it doesn’t give you enough independence, mechanical work can be a breath of fresh air. Imagine solving new problems every single day of your career. All without the yoke of daily, repetitive chores. This is what training to be a diesel and heavy vehicle mechanic can do for you.

Learning All the Skills You Need

When you decide on diesel mechanic training, always look for a school that provides hands-on training in realistic settings. While in school, you should be able to gain experience with both manual and automatic transmission systems, as well as a full-service fuel injection shop as well as learn how to inspect all the vital support systems for vehicles: brakes, steering, wheel bearings and other essential parts to make sure they’re in proper working order.

Master the use of precision gauges and instruments for fine tuning, as well as power equipment like pneumatic wrenches, lathes, welders, jacks and hoists. Once your training is complete, you could do anything from routine maintenance to serious overhauls—all the skills in demand at machine shops across the country.

How Much Does a Diesel Mechanic Make?

Diesel Repair SalarySurveys conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the average truck mechanic earns a median annual salary of $42,320, while average workers in the government sector earn $49,130.

Combined with rock-solid job security thanks to the steadily increasing transportation industry, heavy vehicle service fields offer a path to an incredible future.


Will You Conquer Heavy Machinery?

If you have unrealized ambition, chances are you’re ready to move on from your current job. Learning the inner workings of heavy diesel machinery could give you independence, job stability, and the extra padding in your paycheck to feel secure in your financial future. And the entire journey begins with one single step. If you think mechanical work is calling you, contact us today to learn about earning your Automotive/Diesel Technology Diploma. Contact us at 800-468-1093 or request information online today.

Diesel/Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Training

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