Welding Jobs in Hampton Roads, VA

If you are searching for a productive and rewarding career, you should consider pursuing one of the many welding jobs in Hampton Roads, VA. There is a high demand for individuals with the training and skills to perform various types of welding tasks for a wide array of industries. A quick search on any job hunting websites shows multiple positions for welders in the Hampton Roads area. If you are interested in exploring these possibilities, here is some more information about the industry and the essential job duties.

Create a Successful Future in the Welding Profession

The demand for professional welders is on the rise, which is why you should begin looking into the details regarding certification and school required to kick start your career today. There are varieties of areas within the welding profession in which you can specialize. Begin to determine which type of welding seems to appeal to you and your situation.

On average, the median salary for a welder in Virginia was $45,440 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Definitely a sound salary for someone residing in the Hampton Roads area. The future for skilled welders is looking very bright according to the American Welding Society. It estimates that since welders are so crucial to so many industries that the need for welders will only increase in coming years.

Do Some Research on Welding Jobs

The best way to get an idea of whether or not the welding profession is right for you is to do the research. Talk to other individuals who have chosen that career path and gather some helpful information about job satisfaction and financial stability. It is also important to note that welding yields potential for workers to travel in most areas of the country and easily find long-term work, which makes the industry even more appealing.

Taking advantage of some of the welding jobs in Hampton Roads, VA is a great way to begin a fulfilling and rewarding career that offers job security and flexibility. One of the most important steps you can take towards getting the education and certification you need to begin working in the industry is to find a trade school that is going to give you the most comprehensive classes and hands-on instruction available. Not all welding schools are the same. Check out the feedback given by previous students as well as the employment rates of those who graduated from the school you are considering.

Is a Welding Job the Right Move for You?

If you want a filling, hands-on career that is both active and critically important in modern-day life, welding could be the career for you. If you’re in the Hampton Roads area and want to study towards a degree in welding, such as an Associate of Occupational Science in Maritime Welding with Service Management, consider ATI for all of your educational needs. With hands-on classes and an emphasis in active learning, this could be the opportunity you’re looking for. Connect with ATI today for more information.