Truck Driving Companies in Hampton Roads: Who Might Employ Me?

A truck driver’s work involves moving goods from one point to another. To become a commercial driver, you need to have specific qualifications and comply with the federal and state guidelines and rules of the Department of Transport. In this case, you must be trained, and have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) after completing the driving skills and safety course.

Truck drivers responsibilities or the job description differ with the company you are dealing with. A truck driver is charged with;

  • Taking care of the truck
  • Observing the driving times
  • Maintaining the truck
  • Picking and delivering designated products

Job Skills

As a commercial driver operating on the road most of the times, there are some special skills you need to possess to make you successful in the business.

  • Excellent communication skills as you will be interacting with different people. You will meet the clients, loaders, car cleaners and several other people.
  • Good judgment to help you discern on the right projects to pick.
  • Excellent vision and hearing. You will need this throughout the journey to help you in avoiding accidents as well as for the easy use of the road with the other road users.
  • The ability to handle long drives will also come in handy as a driver. Some deliveries go as far as through different states and take longer. Driving in itself is all about sitting. You have no option but to be able to sit for long.

You should also make sure your driving record is clean and you should not have any DUIs.

Opportunities for Heavy vehicle drivers; Who might employ me?

If at you are worried about where you will head to after the completion of your course, we understand. We are telling you that you need to relax. There are several opportunities for commercial truck drivers in Hampton Roads. These are some of them:

  • Delivery truck driver
  • Transporting mineral products
  • waste management
  • government
  • Hardware and garden stores.

The need for commercial drivers has always been on the rise yearly. You should also note that payment varies depending on mileage covered, experience, the truck used as well as the hiring company.

Why You Need the Education to Become a Commercial Vehicle Driver

Even in as much as formal education is deemed less important in becoming a commercial driver, you will need it for the fast-tracking of your career. These are some of the reasons why taking a class is a big plus.

  • More knowledge and skills

The federal laws provide for the basic training to attain the Commercial Driver’s License. Heading to class will do more than just the basic. You will gain more knowledge and skills on being a great driver. You will also be taught on customer service, safety and security measures, as well as the language to use.

  • Better starting jobs

Starting with driving profession without professional training means that you will begin working at the low ranking companies while building on your experience. The difference is that from classes, you might be able to get to the high-ranking employers immediately.

Do you want to learn how to drive a commercial truck? ATI offers this course with a flexible schedule in the Hampton Roads area. For more information, connect with ATI today!

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