The Ultimate Guidebook to Maritime Welding Jobs

welder salaryWelding jobs pay relatively well, and the possibilities are broadened quite a bit when it comes to maritime welding. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not specifically keep track of maritime welding pay rates, it lists the median annual salary of a welder on dry land as $36,300, with the top 10 percent earning more than $56,130 and the bottom 10 percent earning less than $24,72 (May 2012). Of course, maritime welders, who are provided instruction specific to structural steel and pipe welding could make more than the median salary of general welders.

If you’re considering a career in maritime welding, there are various career paths, many you may not have even thought about. Here are a few to get your job search off on the right foot!

Pipe Welders & Pipefitting

Though pipefitting and welding are generally two very separate careers, many maritime welders are cross-trained in pipefitting, which often encompasses high pressure piping systems. Welders who work in this industry frequently work on new construction projects, threading and joining pipes as well as grinding, bending, cutting, and welding. Once assembled, pipe welders install and maintain various systems as well as install pipe hangers, valves, and support structures.

Being trained in both pipe welding and pipefitting can be a smart career choice, and with experience, you could find work inspecting pipelines and identifying potential problems before they happen.

Ship Service Welders

As a maritime welder, you could also aim for a job working in shipyards or dockyards. In these environments, welders play a central role in the building, repair, and maintenance of large ships, from cruise liners, yachts, and military vessels to cargo and passenger ships. Of course, big ships often require repair and retrofitting, so there’s a definite need to hire maritime welders to repair structural components. In addition, maritime welders are sometimes called upon to help install new docks and repair mooring chains.

Keep in mind, however, that working at a shipyard is a big responsibility, as strict rules and safety regulations must be followed at all times, and as with all welding occupations, firefighting training is a must.

Onshore Welding Specialists

Despite the rumors, you don’t always have to move to a coastal city to find work in the maritime welding industry, as there is plenty of general welding work available all across the country. As an example, hydroelectric power companies employ maritime welders to inspect and repair dams and both state and federal governments need maritime welders to repair and maintain bridges. And don’t forget about jobs in car racing, oil and gas, mining, and even manufacturing.

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