Studying Automotive Technology in Hampton Roads: What do I need to Know?

Automotive technology keeps businesses, organizations, and everyday people moving towards their goals. From daily passenger vehicles to the haulers that supply market shelves across the country, automotive technicians are an essential part of our modern way of life.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for qualified automotive service technicians and mechanics will increase by at least 6% over the next decade. Those who are interested in an automotive technology career in Hampton Roads, VA can benefit from an accelerated degree program. What can students expect during their degree program? How does formal training benefit job seekers? How can students prepare for success before their study program begins?

Automotive Technology Training: An Insider’s View

The goal of an accelerated learning program is to give you the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully fulfill the requirements of an entry-level position. For those studying automotive technology, that means courses concentrate on understanding the basic components of car engines and systems, diagnostic procedures, and routine maintenance.

During their study program, students will learn:

  • How to diagnose engine problems and perform basic repairs.
  • Procedures for correcting issues with alignment, steering, and transmission systems.
  • How to perform routine maintenance on brakes and heating and cooling systems.
  • Ways to improve engine performance.

Students are also taught the basics of providing good customer service. In addition to reading assignments and in-class discussions, accelerated degree programs give students many opportunities to practice their newly-learned skills. Individual and group hands-on projects allow students to put their knowledge to practical use.

The Benefits of Formal Training

Many automotive technicians begin their careers without formal training. These mechanics are either self-taught, learned their skills high school shop classes, or accept an apprenticeship position that includes on-the-job training. However, starting out with a degree from a formal study program has many benefits for job seekers.

  • A degree lets potential employers know that the holder has completed a standardized study program. Graduates are more likely to have the basic skills employers need right away, which makes them more likely to be hired in a high-competition situation.
  • Through a formal study course, students are exposed to a variety of engine types, techniques, and common problems. This broad exposure makes them a more flexible fit for different entry-level positions. That means graduates have more options when their job search begins.
  • In a tight job market, connections are everything. Relationships formed with staff members and other students could become a vital source of references and information for many years.

Getting a degree gives job seekers more options throughout their career.

Tips to Help Learners Prepare for Success

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or are initiating a period of change later in life, going back to school can be tough. Here are some ways automotive technology students can prepare their minds and lives for the challenges ahead.

  • Do you plan to continue working during your study course? Talk to your employer’s human resource representative. Many companies offer funds for educational efforts. Even if they don’t, notify your employer well in advance of any possible scheduling conflicts or concerns.
  • Make a plan to cover your personal responsibilities. Between class attendance, study time, and work, you still have to make time to attend to household chores, dependents, and personal relationships. Talk to your loved ones about how they can help you do your best.
  • Create a schedule of what your days will look like once classes begin. Display it on the fridge or another high-profile place. This will help you stay organized and reduce confusion for others.

Are You Ready to Begin?

An accelerated degree program prepares you to start working as a mechanic in service shops. The Associate in Occupational Science in Automotive Technology degree from Advanced Technology Institute can be completed in just 21 months. This specialized study course includes all the instruction you need to service and repair all kinds of vehicles. Contact our admissions counselors today to reserve your spot in upcoming sessions.