HVAC Training in Hampton Roads: Is this a Good Place for Me to Learn?


The Hampton Roads region is encircled by water on most sides, which leads to production of vast amounts of evaporated moisture that the hot air can hold. This makes the summers in the region becomes steamy and very humid. That’s why when reporting the heat index, humidity is always factored in to actually determine how hot it feels. Summers in Hampton roads renders thousands of HVAC or AC units faulty after their regularly cold winter.

From the above information, it is very prudent and ideal to obtain training within the region. It offers abundant opportunities to best learn how to fix and troubleshoot the HVAC systems through first hand troubleshooting and repairing formal training. It should expose you to numerous scenarios on how these systems fail and how to reliably provide solutions by “getting your hands dirty.”

Why is HVAC so Important in Hampton Roads, Virginia?

The region not only offers a great learning experience but is good for you if you’re thinking on starting an HVAC business or landing employment immediately after completing training. The training process should help you establish new connections and maybe land your first job or get a few costumers.

Working as an HVAC technician was also reported as one of the higher-paying jobs. The regional employers are actively employing or looking for consulting professionals in the to provide services in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The Hampton Roads region economy is concentrated on growing the existing clusters to diversify their economy: ship repair and ship building, advanced manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, warehousing, port operations, life sciences, information security and analytics, business and consulting services, tourism and recreation. All these clusters require elaborate systems to enable the inhabitant operate in a good environment to enhance productivity. Thus, choosing to obtain HVAC training within the region could present numerous opportunities for you.

Benefits of Formal Training Programs When Looking for Work or Working as an HVAC Tech

If you’re interested in landing a job with good salary and benefits in the HVAC field, obtaining formal education is highly important. In fact, numerous states require that any HVAC technician or contractor must possess some form of formal training with a document to show for it. Formal training ensures knowledgeable technicians who can offer more efficient, higher quality, and thorough HVAC maintenance, replacements, and repairs.

Formal training typically combines theoretical learning with hands-on experience. The dynamic advancements in the sector has made HVAC a field that changes quickly thus hands-on learning alone no longer cuts it. Formal training not only enable you to gain hands on skills but as well advances your theoretical knowledge on the complex systems that are constantly changing due to advancing technologies. It as well helps you meet the state licensing requirements and gain the required knowledge to pass any state examination.

What Happens After I find a Position?

The field offers career advancement opportunities. The journey does not simply end by landing a job. You should get direct mentorship from experienced professionals. It provides a solid foundation of HVAC knowledge. The training process is presented in a form of basic electrical wiring, basic electricity, blue print reading, thermodynamics, gas safety, refrigeration, and appliance repair which offers hands-on experience via on site labs, where you can learn how to fix complex HVAC systems. It prepares you to fully anticipate and solve issues when working as an HVAC technician.

Why is Formal Training So Important?

Formal training prepares you proper problem solving skills and the proper techniques of technician- customer interactions as well as how to read the wiring diagrams. The more technically based courses help you to distinguish yourself from those who lack training. The liberal arts offered in the training process should enable you to better communicate with your customers.

Formal training could make you more desirable as an employee. After completion, the odds that you’ll secure employment are generally higher. According to the United Sates Bureau of Labor and Statistics, HVAC and refrigeration technicians are on high demand. With the growth expected to increase at a rate of 13% within the next decade.

How Do I Get Started?

Ultimately, all accredited HVAC training programs help you achieve success in your career; more specifically to obtain a greater knowledge of this area of study, the Associate in Occupational Science Degree program in HVAC Technology with Service Management includes core technologies as well as systems on how to tune your systems for performance and reliability. Advanced Technical Institute offers training courses that are in line EPA requirements to help you further demonstrate your competency. Connect with us today for more information on how to get started!

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