Facts About Being a Mechanic in Norfolk, VA

Did you know there are an estimated 749,900 mechanics working in the United States today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics? Did you know Norfolk, Virginia alone has dozens of mechanic shops and mobile repair services? If you’re thinking about becoming a mechanic, you’ll need all the facts. Here is some more information about not only becoming a mechanic, but also working in Norfolk.

High demand

Becoming a mechanic means that you should have a future of steady work. One fact is that vehicles will always need maintenance. As long as everyone drives cards, there will need to be people to fix them.

Auto mechanics have an amazing collection of tools

Spending time on the tool truck shopping is very interesting for all mechanics. The best thing about being a mechanic is that you could find a tool that will cut your job time in half. Additionally, you can get a project and do it at home, as long as you carry your tool bag with you. Interestingly, some mechanics start building their own tools while still in college. A combination of these tools and knowledge are the best assets of an auto mechanic.

Social interaction and self-reliance

As a mechanic, you won’t be stuck in your office for a whole day. The nature of your work will be independent. You can be active, meeting and socializing with new clients. Garages can employ numerous mechanics, however, you will be trusted to do diagnostics and repair cars on your own. This level of self-reliance is fun for many mechanics. It will enable you to identify and repair problems in your own car without paying another mechanic to do the work.

Respect and knowledge

Auto mechanics are often viewed as skilled and knowledgeable. Furthermore, not everyone can become a mechanic. After receiving formal training and becoming a mechanic, you have to gain experience to become an expert on automotive repair and maintenance. Experience, education, and certifications can make all the difference to your career.


The average salary of a mechanic was $19.02 an hour in the year 2017 (according to the BLS). However, the salary highly depends on experience, certification, and the location. Additionally, you can also use your amazing collection of tools to do extra work outside the garage. This is always a great way to make some extra money.

Why Mechanics are needed in Norfolk, Virginia and the Greater Hampton Roads Area

Military influence: Hampton Roads is among the world’s biggest and deepest harbors, and is home to the largest naval base in the world. With a population of over 1.6 million, Hampton Roads is a large metropolitan area. The enormous population keeps mechanics in high demand because many people own cars, keeping in mind that the cars need regular diagnostics, repair, and maintenance. Not to mention sometimes major repairs following accidents or with older vehicles.

Spread out areas require a private vehicle to get around: The Hampton Roads area is spread out and sometimes, public transportation just won’t cut it. This causes more people to be on the road and more vehicles mean more work for mechanics.

How education can help you achieve your goal

If you are serious about becoming a mechanic, you will need formal education and comprehensive training for you to work in this highly competitive industry. There are some steps that you can follow to become a mechanic;

Step 1: Do your homework. Look into various possibilities. It will be easier to move to the next level if you have some training on vehicles that need to be diagnosed and fixed.

Step 2: Complete a post-high school program in automotive service technology to be prepared. These programs can range in length and content. Accelerated programs can help students finish sooner and start looking for work faster.

Step 3: Apart from the fact that formal education will lead to a great deal of knowledge, you will also need on-the-job training after graduation.

Step 4: Getting a certification through the National Institute for Automotive Excellence can be a big help for your career.

Step 5: Don’t stop learning. Technology changes from time to time, therefore, it is important to keep up with it by learning and focus on particular on features that are changing.

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