Commercial Driver’s License: Virginia Requirements for Education

It seems like nearly everyone has at one point considered becoming a truck driver. Driving a truck is a big job, which is very rewarding. What’s more is that you get to travel to different places day in and day out, meet people from different places and watch the sunrise and set. What would it be like? Apart from the interesting trucking lifestyle, you can also make a great living.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming a Truck Driver

Job security

Jobs have become scarce, and many Americans don’t have as many options for jobs as they did in the past. Others are in industries that are trying to downsize. Fortunately, CDL truck driving is a career fit for you as long as you can drive a truck safely and have the desire to succeed.

Despite the shortage of truck drivers, the industry continues to grow. 80% of goods in the U.S. are moved by truck. The aging drivers are also retiring, opening up more job opportunities for new drivers to start trucking.

Good salary

The money is potentially great for truckers, including those who are starting out mostly due to the shortage. If you choose to drive locally, you can be paid by the hour. However, you can still drive long distances and get paid per the miles you clock in.

Which Training do You Need to Get a CDL?

The days of receiving training from Uncle Roy to get your CDL are long gone. In Virginia, you have to successfully complete your training course at an accredited CDL truck driver training school before you are considered official.

Many trucking companies also require this, and you should take it into consideration before you choose the right method of training. Getting your CDL is essential to qualify as a truck driver, but if you won’t find a good and well-paying truck driving job, your CDL won’t matter.

Steps You Should Follow to Get your Commercial Driver’s License

First, review all the Virginia CDL requirements: Before anything else, you will need to review the Virginia CDL requirements. Some of the requirements include the minimum age and CDL physical requirements. Ensure you review this information ahead of time as you prepare to move to the next step without unexpected surprises.

Get a Virginia CDL permit: Similar to getting a regular driver’s license in the state of Virginia, you will need a permit to be able to get your Class A CDL. You can only get a permit after passing some written exams and after a vision test.

Consider adding a CDL endorsement: If you would want to add an endorsement to your CDL, you will be required to pass additional written CDL endorsement tests. Ensure that you have researched endorsements earlier because some like the Hazardous Materials endorsement may require a background check before they are added to your Virginia CDL license.

Take a CDL skills test: For you to get a Virginia CDL, you will need to pass a CDL driving test in addition, you will complete a 3-part exam. The exams include a skills test, knowledge test, and endorsement knowledge test.

Importance of Education in this Field

Going to a CDL training school in Virginia is a great way to acquire your Commercial Driver’s License. Most people often attempt to complete the process by themselves only to find out later that it is much more difficult to operate a tractor-trailer than it seems.

However, by receiving training from an approved CDL school in Virginia, you should acquire the needed knowledge to pass the written exam and get the necessary hands-on training to master the CDL skills test and pre-trip inspection. For most people, going through a Virginia CDL training school makes the process much easier and improves their chances of success.

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