Shipyard Stats: Here’s Why US Shipbuilding Jobs Will Continue to Grow

We feel safe in thinking you all saw the headline in the Kitsap Sun, “Shipyard Hiring 365 ‘Helper Trainees’’’ because, well, who doesn’t read the leading newspaper of Kitsap, Washington? Okay, so perhaps…perhaps…you do not subscribe to Kitsap County’s largest daily newspaper, but if you’re a fan of maritime welding, you may be familiar with  [...]

Finding a Trade School for Veterans: 5 Questions to Ask

As a military veteran, you might be looking to use your GI Bill to get an education and create better career opportunities. If you’re eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill, you can get as much as full coverage of your tuition and fees, money for supplies and books, a monthly housing allowance, and more. The tough  [...]

Metal Solid: The History of Welding

Industrial processes include smelting, electrolysis, sawing/cutting, forging, casting, tooling, soldering, die cutting, and welding, among many other skills. Of these, welding is defined as the most economical and efficient way to join two or more metals permanently, making one piece. says that welding ranks high among industrial processes and uses more science and variables  [...]

Six Useful Tips for Landing a Maritime Welding Apprenticeship

Maritime welding, separate from the specialty of underwater welding, is almost exclusively done in shipyards around the coastlines of our country. In dry-docks and shipyards, maritime welders help build new ships, repair old ones, and (sadly) cut up outdated ships for scrap metal. Getting a job as a welder working around boats, submarines, and ships  [...]