Women Truck Drivers: Are You Cut Out For Life on the Road?

The trucking industry, like many blue-collar industries, historically has been comprised of men. This is especially true when it comes to long-distance, multiple-day trucking jobs. But times, they are changing and trucking jobs for women are not only on the rise, but many women finding driving a truck to have unique and outstanding benefits for  [...]

What is Trucking School Like: What Can I Expect to Learn?

Trucking continues to be a profession in which newly minted drivers have excellent prospects of being hired. Despite the fact trucking offers a competitive salary and independent working conditions for drivers, most trucking companies are having a hard time filling the quota of drivers they need. Older drivers are reaching retirement age and leaving the  [...]

Women Truck Drivers: A Growing Demand in the Commercial Driving Industry

A revolution is taking place in the trucking industry. As aging male drivers retire, the demand for new drivers to take their place has not been met. As a result of this shortage, wages have been going up, with companies also offering attractive sign-on bonuses. But driving jobs still go unfilled. Increasingly, trucking companies are  [...]