Are Heavy Vehicles Difficult to Work On: What Training Will I Need?

Heavy vehicles are critical to many industrial activities, including large-scale commerce, farming, construction, mining, forestry, landscaping, transportation, as well as land clearing. A heavy vehicle is defined as a vehicle that has a gross vehicle mass (weight when fully loaded) exceeding 4.5 tons. These vehicles use diesel and need special maintenance provided by heavy vehicle  [...]

What Does a Heavy Vehicle Technician Do in their Job?

Heavy vehicles are very important in the large scale commercial, agriculture and industry, and they require heavy vehicle professionals to keep them running properly. Heavy vehicles like bulldozers, trucks and trains require special maintenance in order to promote safety and optimal performance. Heavy vehicle mechanics and technicians are responsible for the upkeep of the engines  [...]

What is Heavy Vehicle Repair Like in Hampton Roads, VA?

Heavy vehicle repair is a vocation that requires mechanics who can diagnose, maintain, and make repairs to equipment used in agriculture, construction, transportation, manufacturing, shipbuilding and repair, and road building. Technicians also need skills in tuning up and testing vehicles, in addition to replacing or repairing faulty parts. What a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Does It’s  [...]