Becoming a Mechanic in Virginia Beach: Where Do I Start?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for qualified automotive service technicians and mechanics will increase by at least 6% over the next decade. For those seeking a career in the automotive field, a formal education ensures that they are ready to compete for preferred positions.

How can job seekers use formal education to get their career started? What role does real-world experience play in a mechanic’s career? Why should students learn their trade in an automotive technology program?

Using Formal Education to Launch Your Service Mechanic Career

What are some of the ways a formal education can make your automotive career more successful right from the start?

  • Large employers often use local trade schools to help supply their human resource needs. Start your career with a formal degree to get in on the ground floor of exciting long-term opportunities.
  • In the automotive industry, a broad knowledge base is the key to career mobility. A formal degree program gives students a solid foundation on which they can create the career of their dreams.
  • Self-taught mechanics lack objective validation of their skills. A formal degree lets employers know that you really have what it takes to work in their organizations.
  • Many trade schools offer different levels of instruction at the same site. If you decide to further your career with education, getting back into school should be a breeze.

High school courses and time in the garage with friends and family can teach you a lot about engines. However, there are lessons and advantages that can only be gained from a formal study course.

How Real World Experience Supplements Your Education

Automotive mechanics use a lot of hands-on skill. A formal study course should include a focus on real world experience. This allows students to hone their skills in preparation for paid work. How does hands-on training help students in their careers?

  • Books, videos, and lectures can offer a lot of important information. However, without associating those words with actions, it’s likely that the brain will not retain the information for very long. Incorporating written materials with hands-on activities allows the brain to build stronger and more varied neural connections.
  • No single source is infallible. Whether it be outdated, misprinted, misinformed, or just not applicable to your situation, there are times when knowledge sources fail you. Hands-on training gives students the tools to mentally adapt to changing situations and find solutions quickly using other means.
  • A commercial garage is a business with a series of strict procedures and guidelines. These rules are meant to safeguard workers, protect shop property, and prevent damage to customers and their property.

Over the years, mechanics continue to learn new things as they encounter new types of cars, tools, and engine components.

Why Students Should Choose An Automotive Technology Program

When students decide to pursue an automotive technology career, they have many options for education. Traditional 4- and 2-year degrees, online classes, and other education options offer learning programs meant to prepare students for the rigors of commercial service shops. However, an accelerated automotive technology is often the best way to start an automotive career for many reason.

  • Instead of spending four full years wading through general education requirements, you could be ready to get to work in about 21 months.
  • The cost of most academic-based programs include fees for things you’ll never use. An accelerated program puts its resources into tools that increase learning and retention of the important details.
  • Flexible scheduling options mean you can still work, take care of domestic duties, and maybe even have a social life while you’re working to expand your career options.

The automotive technology field will continue to grow and offer stable and lucrative employment opportunities. Get qualified for these careers with an Associate in Occupational Science degree in Automotive Technology with Service Management from Advanced Technology Institute. Students learn in a realistic shop environment, so they’re ready to take on the tasks required in a real commercial operation. Contact our counselors to reserve your spot in upcoming sessions.

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