What is Automotive Technology Good for in Norfolk, VA?

Jobs are sprouting up all over the country, and dozens of fields are scrambling to attract people to them to fill personnel shortages. For upcoming high school graduates from Norfolk schools, young adults looking for their path in life, and older folks who want to switch to a promising job, selecting between all of the opportunities can be difficult. To help you make an informed decision, here is what you can expect if you go into the field of automotive technology.

The Career Outlook for an Automotive Mechanic

Whether you’ve been digging into engines and getting greasy from the time you were toddling or you are just looking for a career that pays the bills, you likely want to know what you can expect as far as job prospects, advancement opportunities, and your income.

As of 2017, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reports that there are 8,234,406 registered vehicles in the state with 6,087,245 people licensed to drive getting involved in 127,375 crashes a year. All of those vehicles are serviced by just 19,680 automotive mechanics per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

At 5.19 mechanics per every 1,000 people in the state and just 2.39 mechanics for every 1,000 vehicles, there are plenty of people and automobiles in Virginia who will consistently need the attention of a skilled automotive technician.

No More Hunting for a Trustworthy Mechanic

Going to a mechanic can be a fraught experience filled with doubt about whether the shop is going to overplay problems and extend out the working hours in order to take as much money out of your wallet as possible. Conversely, there is the risk of a less than skilled mechanic offering a great deal only to find that the work of the tech failed to address any of the actual problems that the vehicle has.

When you become a mechanic, you could start hearing these worries from your friends and families as they ask you for your services. You could also take on some jobs yourself to help your loved ones for a little side cash. Your insider knowledge might help you direct them towards the mechanics in the area who know their stuff and won’t take them for every penny.

Spend Your Days Working with Your Hands on Complex and Fulfilling Tasks

Jobs are increasingly becoming more focused on technology, communication, and paperwork, which translates into a lot of time spent at a desk. Working as a mechanic isn’t without its share of paperwork, but much more of your time will be spent with your hands deep in the guts of a vehicle, getting dirty before earning the satisfaction of fixing a real problem. For anyone who is dreading the idea of spending all of their working years inside of a cubicle, a career in an active workplace like automotive maintenance and repairs should sound enticing.

Becoming an Automotive Technician in Virginia

Spending time learning is the first step towards having the qualifications that will get an automotive shop to let you onto their team. An Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Automotive Technology with Service Management from the Advanced Technology Institute is a fast-paced course that could see you collecting your diploma in as little as 21 months.

Unlike a traditional college, ATI will only teach you the things that you need to know with a healthy mix of hands-on and theory that accommodates multiple learning styles. With multiple locations in Norfolk, VA and classes running around the year, all you have to do is connect with ATI today and see if becoming an automotive technician is right for you.

Automotive Tech Training School