Automotive Technology Degree: Is it Worth It in Virginia?

If you love taking things apart and putting them back together, if you love breathing in the combined smells of grease and rubber and the way metal parts feel in your hands, and you don’t mind getting covered in lubricant by the end of the day, then becoming an automotive technician in Virginia might be the job for you. With an automotive technology degree, you could enjoy the benefits that Virginia has to offer while doing something you enjoy. But is it worth it if you want to live in Virginia?

What opportunities exist in Virginia?

The next question is whether you can find a decent job in Virginia. According to, a top automotive technician at NAPA AutoCare in Richmond can earn a good salary during the year.

Let’s take a look at some of the more advanced positions you could move into once you have some education, certifications, and experience under your proverbial belt. Keep in mind, these are just examples. Automotive mechanics can also move into management or other positions within the company after a few years.

Automotive Master Mechanic

An automotive master mechanic will test drive vehicles, uses a range of different types of testing equipment to diagnose problems, repairs and replaces brake system components, follows checklists to make sure he checks all important components and systems and interacts with customers.

Automotive Specialty Technician

The automotive specialty technician inspects vehicles, prepares estimates for repair, use electronic testing equipment to diagnose problems with ignition, fuel, and emission control systems.

What is an automotive technology degree?

The BLS indicates that employers are looking to hire people with a vocational or another postsecondary degree in automotive technology. To maximize your earning potential as a business owner or manager, consider an associate in automotive technology with service management.

An AOS in automotive technology should give you the practical skills of automotive maintenance and repair with an emphasis on logical diagnostic procedures and efficient repair techniques. You should look for hands-on training in a realistic environment using modern testing and equipment and tools.

The service management component of an AOS in automotive technology should give students a strong foundation in business management, including financial skills, staff management, customer service, communication skills, and inventory management.

How to get started

Can you see yourself as an automotive technician and can’t wait to get started? If you want to start on the path to earning an Associate in Occupational Science Degree in Automotive Technology with Service Management, consider Advanced Technology Institute (ATI). With a year-round schedule and accelerated classes could you finish your degree sooner and start looking for work faster. For more information about our exciting program, connect with a helpful admissions advisor today.

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