Automotive Technician Jobs in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Whether you are starting a new career or are looking for a mid-career change, the Virginia Beach area might be just the place to stake your claim. Virginia Beach is a vibrant job market with many open opportunities in various industries, but one of the hottest occupations right now is in the field of automotive maintenance and repair.

It not only offers a field where you can enter easily but also one that offers a significant amount of job security over the long term. As long as cars need to keep running, there will be well-paying jobs for automotive technicians. No matter what sector of automotive repair or maintenance a technician specializes in, there is sure to be businesses that are overscheduled for appointments for that service. Even if you have virtually no experience in automotive tech, a job in this exciting career is still within reach.

Why the Virginia Beach Area is a Great Place to Start a Career as a Technician

Virginia Beach is a thriving community with many opportunities for automotive technicians. It has a higher than average number of car dealerships than the rest of the nation and each of these dealerships need to fully staff their service departments. It is also a logistical hub and home to the 3rd busiest port on the east coast for many high-volume shipping operations including the military, United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx.

Many of these shipping fleets need dedicated fleet service technicians to keep their vehicles in top condition. There are also many independent repair shops in the area that are always looking for qualified technicians at all skill levels to do everything from routine services to bodywork and complete rebuilds.

What Makes A Great Automotive Technician?

When you are choosing a career path, you must make an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses to determine if it would be a successful road for you to travel. Automotive technicians need a certain combination of qualities to thrive in their career.

An ability to pay attention to small details and be observant is one of the most important of these, but being personable and having an ability to work with customers can be just as important. It can be a physically demanding job and require a high degree of manual dexterity to assemble and disassemble components and assemblies.

If you are a naturally organized person who is mechanically inclined and has been a natural problem solver you may have a significant advantage in learning and performing the diagnostic and technical tasks that make for a good technician.

What Are The Prospects For An Automotive Technician In Virginia Beach?

If you have worked in an industry that is in decline or suffering high numbers of layoffs, it can be natural to be cautious about what career you should pursue next. However, there is very little worry about the prospects for this thriving job field. Automotive technicians are generally well-paid and sought-after professionals and the majority are full-time hourly employees with significant opportunities for paid overtime.

A formal technical education or military training can give a starting technician an edge in their job hunt. The demand for technicians in steady nationwide, with a 6% increase projected for the need for these professionals. Demand is skewing higher in Virginia Beach as there is a high volume of drivers and many dealerships, independent repair shops, and automotive stores that are hiring for these positions.

Education Gives Virginia Beach Technicians An Edge Over The Competition

Education can be more important than you think. While on-the-job training may be sufficient to start a position in many shops, instruction in a technical school environment can prepare a technician for the highest-paying jobs in the market. An associates degree in occupational science (A.O.S) program offers the opportunity to learn to do the job in the most effective manner possible.

Just being able to turn a wrench isn’t good enough with the highly sophisticated automobiles of today, and with electrical, hybrid, and even self-driving cars becoming a daily reality the technicians who prepare today will be the ones who succeed tomorrow. Classroom and practical training with both legacy and advanced automotive systems and specialized tools prepare these highly-skilled professionals for everything that an auto shop can throw at them.

Are You Ready to Get the Training you Need to be a Virginia Beach Mechanic?

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