Heavy Vehicle Education: Why Should I Earn a Degree in this Field?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for skilled heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians will add an additional 14,900 job positions between 2016 and 2026. These rewarding careers are also highly competitive. For those seeking a career in the heavy vehicle field, education is a key element in achieving the desired  [...]

What is a Degree in Automotive Technology Good For?

The field of automotive technology is becoming increasingly diverse as technological advances and innovations make for more sophisticated machines. From the way consumer products their destination to the way people travel to work each day; from the machines that make public transport possible to the highly specialized industrial vehicles, auto technology is an important part  [...]

HVAC Repair Tips for Beginners Just Starting to Earn Their Degree!

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is an essential part of every space that requires heating, cooling, or air ventilation. Proper maintenance and repairs must be conducted on HVAC units to avoid health related issues on the inhabitants or costly damages to the infrastructure. According to Business Insider, 1 minute of downtime  [...]

Heating and Air Conditioning School in Virginia: Is it a Good Opportunity for Me?

It’s hard to imagine surviving Virginia’s hot, humid summers and chilly winters without a good HVAC system, as people did decades ago. Fortunately, most homes and businesses in this state come equipped with well-designed HVAC systems, so that Virginians can go about their business at home, school or work without giving too much thought to  [...]

What is Maritime Welding and Why is it Important in Hampton Roads?

Maritime welding is a process that produces coalescence of material by heating them to its welding temperature, with or without application of pressure or use of filler metal. Maritime welding can be performed both offshore and/or at the docks during the shipbuilding processes. Modern welding techniques are employed in shipbuilding. Before, welding ships were being  [...]