ATI Establishes Co-op Partnership with Liebherr USA

Agreement Includes the Use of 31,000-Pound Wheel Loader on Campus

ATI is pleased to announce a new partnership with Liebherr USA (LUS), one of the largest construction machine manufacturers in the world. Through this partnership, LUS will host up to six co-op students from ATI in its heavy equipment program. While in the program, they will serve as part-time employees of the company, working in repairs ships of the earthmoving and mobile crane divisions at the LUS Newport News facility, reinforcing what they are learning in the classroom.

Here is what some of the students have to say about the experience at LUS:

“Putting in a generator kit all by myself was the coolest thing I’ve done so far. There is so much to learn!”
~Ian Elizondo, ATI Student

“It’s been challenging, but very rewarding to see a problem that I fixed on a machine that is then out there working and in action.”
~Ryan Heffernan, ATI Student

“It’s a really fantastic opportunity. We learn something new every day.”
~Logan Dyer, ATI Student

What’s more, ATI graduates who successfully complete one year of the co-op program will receive a sign-on bonus equivalent to 50 percent of their ATI tuition when they accept full-time employment with Liebherr.

LUS is also sponsoring ATI’s hydraulics program, which includes lending the campus use of a brand new L526 Wheel Loader to be used in school’s Heavy Vehicle Technology program. “This type of loader is used extensively in construction, mining, waste management industries and more,” says ATI Campus Director of Training Robert Metzger. “It’s a very sophisticated machine that has extensive electronic and computer guided control systems.

“Liebherr provided ATI instructors more than 120 hours of training on the diagnosis and repair of this and other Liebherr equipment, as well as access to factory computer diagnostic software and repair information. This manufacturer level training will be available to all Heavy Vehicle program students and incorporated into the curriculum for Hydraulics, Advanced Diagnostics, Preventive Maintenance, Fuel Systems and more.”

Team members at LUS say this partnership not only helps build a pipeline of future talent, it exposes students to the Liebherr brand, allowing them to build a future workforce of Liebherr employees. Robert Metzger says it is a real win-win. “We are excited for this partnership with Liebherr USA to provide our students with cutting-edge training on top-of-the line equipment.”