14 Hilarious T-shirts You’ll Want When You Become a Mechanic


It might seem like all serious technical work and information overload when you’re studying to become a mechanic. Surely, it’s no small undertaking. That said, the job can be entirely fun, enjoyable, and even laid back once you get some fundamentals under your belt.

If you’re a mechanic, you know nothing shows your laid back spirit more than donning a hilarious mechanic t-shirt like one of the ones on this list.

cant fix stupid

1. I Can’t Fix Stupid

Popularized by famous stand-up comic Ron White, this shirt reminds those reading it that stupid is harder to fix than your typical automotive breakdown.

bigger tools

2. Bigger Tools

Definitely capitalizing on a double-entendre, this shirt makes reference to the size of a mechanic’s tools. It’s designed for a male mechanic, quite obviously.

super sexy mechanic

3. For the Attractive Mechanic

This shirt is a bit braggadocious, but it may be pretty honest for those who are rather becoming in looks and also nifty at twisting a wrench.

protect my ride

4. As I Lay Rubber Down

Borderline blasphemous and quasi-holy, this t-shirt is a play on words of a popular nighttime prayer. It’s good for a chuckle around the shop water cooler, that’s for sure.

you broke something

5. Stating the Obvious

This shirt practices the approach of being short, sweet and to the point. Stating the obvious, it reminds the person reading it that their car troubles are your salary. Thankfully, few people know how to repair cars, right?

honor roll student

6. Thank an Engineer

Taking a shot at honor roll students and engineers in the same shirt, it still makes a very valid point and does so in an attractive way. If engineers were perfect, the cars they design wouldn’t ever break down.

8th day

7. The 8th Day

Another biblically inspired shirt, this one suggests that God made diesel mechanics on the 8th day, much to the chagrin of the devil. It’s a clever shirt with a spiritual underpinning.

grease covered mechanic

8. Adjective Overload

Perhaps fitting every fine detail of a mechanic’s life into one shirt, this one says a lot. If you can stand still long enough for somebody to read it, you’re probably on break.

do not touch tools daughter

9. Family Man Mechanic

Nothing is more sacred to a mechanic than his tools… except maybe his daughter. This shirt pays homage to the mechanic that is a proud father as well.

not afraid to get your hands dirty

10. Mechanic’s Pride

This shirt does a great job of pointing out that few people today are able or willing to become mechanics. Fortunately, this allows those who do pursue the career to earn a pretty good living and enjoy excellent job stability.

extra parts

11. Too Honest

Have you ever taken something apart and put it back together only to have some parts remaining? Well, apparently, this happens to mechanics from time to time as well. You shouldn’t aim to have this happen too often, but there’s no harm in making a funny and brutally-honest joke by way of wearing a t-shirt, right?

trust me im a mechanic

12. Trust

A great mechanic can inspire trust and should wear their trustworthiness on their sleeve. With this t-shirt, they can.

grease and diesel

13. Smell the Skill

Being an automotive technician has a certain musk to it. This shirt points out that fact and incorporates a reasonable level of pride to go along with it. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with loving who you are!

i void warranties

14. Upgrades Galore

When you soup up a car or truck, sometimes you have to kiss a warranty goodbye. This shirt pays tribute to the reality of this truism and does so in style.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether a career in the auto technician field is right for you, keep in mind that the rite of passage comes with some funny t-shirt possibilities. This list is just the beginning. Before ordering the whole lot, make sure that you have your education locked in. It’s not enough to have apprenticed under a family member and be able to do brakes and oil changes. The real money is in taking apart and repairing engines, transmissions and other heavy-duty auto and truck components.

Advanced Technical Institute is a well-trusted name, helping to generate leagues of successful auto and diesel mechanics every year. Why leave your education to chance and miss out on being able to wear the shirts on this list with confidence? Enroll in one of their mechanic training programs and get the paper credentials to match your greasy hands. It’s right there waiting for you, but you’ll have to take that first step.

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