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ATI Ranked #3 of 1,800 in Military Friendly School Report

2022-23 Military Friendly® Schools Report Released The 2022-23 Military Friendly® School rankings are out! Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) has been designated the #3 overall school in the Non Traditional Schools category with a gold ranking as a 2022-23 Military Friendly® School. Why are designations like Military Friendly® important? For service members and their families, The Military  [...]

ATI Establishes Co-op Partnership with Liebherr USA

Agreement Includes the Use of 31,000-Pound Wheel Loader on Campus ATI is pleased to announce a new partnership with Liebherr USA (LUS), one of the largest construction machine manufacturers in the world. Through this partnership, LUS will host up to six co-op students from ATI in its heavy equipment program. While in the program, they  [...]

Are Heavy Vehicles Difficult to Work On: What Training Will I Need?

Heavy vehicles are critical to many industrial activities, including large-scale commerce, farming, construction, mining, forestry, landscaping, transportation, as well as land clearing. A heavy vehicle is defined as a vehicle that has a gross vehicle mass (weight when fully loaded) exceeding 4.5 tons. These vehicles use diesel and need special maintenance provided by heavy vehicle  [...]

HVAC Schools in Virginia: What Should I Look for in a School?

You’ve already decided a career as an HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) professional is what you want. You’d like to begin living your life as soon as possible, but you also know long-term career success – advancement, management, even ownership – begins with education. You need a degree to stay on a fast track to  [...]

Do Welders Have to Go to School for Welding?

If it is made of metal, it has been welded. From buildings and bridges to cars and planes, welding is an integral part of our economy. While we don’t always notice every weld behind the walls or under the hood, welding helps keep us safe and improves our quality of life. Welding is integral in  [...]